About Us

Three Seven is the meeting of Caroline Petit, 29. French and former strategic planner at TBWA CHIAT/DAY, NYC (twin sister of Alix Petit, driving the French label Heimstone) Jonas Mason, 32,  American photographer, and a revolving carousel of multi-platform artists. 

Caroline's perspective of American culture and mechanics is an asset to Three Seven with a more European eye. Tracking down and trying to understand the new trends of her generation, defined by paradox: "It's like if we were searching for our path in between the world we inherited and the urgent necessity to change some of our reflexes and mechanisms that build our education." When not in her midwest workshop, she's knitting hats and mittens on the road along with pottery and lamps within her New York apartment.

Jonas, born and raised in the Midwest, left his comfort zone after school to travel the world. Soaking up the cultures traveled in search for the unknown. Camera in hand to capture his travels and the previous moments spent within these communities and the people that cross his path. Coming to the realization that acceptance and tolerance break the borders of the spirit and push oneself to creativity without borders. Now he lives between New York, Paris and his hometown in Illinois.