Travels & Collecting

From the crisp mountain air of Vermont to the mining towns hidden in the show of the Colorado peaks, along the Mississippi river that winds through the heartland farms of the Midwest. Thousands of miles of open terrain under our belts and worn out shoes. Hundreds of pieces of furniture and unique objects collected as a testament of our journey.

We have been on a labor of love mission to recycle America's buried and forgotten treasures, relying on a single bench seat, left hand American drive pick-up as our mode of transportation, office, and motel to bring us through the hunt and back home.

By flipping the coin to decide which way to turn, which dumpster to dive, which junk pile to sift through - we explored abandoned barns, neglected garages, folk auctions - we stepped off the beaten path for hidden memorabilia, each piece with its own story.

Fascinated by the beauty of the landscapes still intact and the diversity of people form many walks of life - the stories shared opened a wonderful window on America's past.


Fixing & Building

Back from our travels, an old beer factory that we converted into our workshop awaits us. In the middle of a blue collar town, the bare bones two story football field and blank canvas quickly becomes broken down into work stations set by what the road revealed to us.

The Untouchables: All are fascinating pieces of history that we feel so fortunate to have come across. From the hands that put so much love and time years ago, the pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation is a testament of their quality and magic that keeps adding to their value. Nothing has been changed, we've only knocked the dust off and hope that the pieces continue to touch the hands they fall in.

The Collaboration with Time: Along our travels, we have fallen in love with so many beautiful pieces; whether it be for their shape, color, or simply their story. Most of the pieces have lost their place in today's life. Leaving us with full creativity to revive them and give them new identities and utilities.

The Grown Desire: Being surrounded for the past years by amazing landscape, furniture and architecture from all walks of life, we have grown the desire to build our own pieces. Always respecting our rule of working with recycled materials, we have started building our own furniture, from scratch. 


The Rules

Without having any deep ecological convictions other than the one that our society tends to move towards, we have grown our project through a few basic ideas that were hard to ignore, knowing the core of our project. 

Everything is Recycled: From barns that once stood strong on many farms that were taken down by tornados, to abandoned ones that we disassembled and timbers from a late 1800's foundry and railroad factory, picked up during our journey, they became our primary material for what was to come. From the fabric that we wove to build our shelves, to the buttons plucked from old garments to close seed sacks, recycled into pillow cases - everything is reused. 

Everything is Handmade: All the pieces that have fallen into our hands; fixed or built from scratch, are 100% handmade by Three Seven. The care and time spent on each of them is a testament of our passion and respect for those pieces. Simply unique in their own way.

Everything is Told: Every single piece we have picked up during our travels carries its own spirited story. We have made it a personal goal to pass the history along. Each piece carries a name of the story that we have been told.